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From its humble beginnings as a small group of private collectors, the Griffiths Collection has grown into one of California's largest store of British Empire artifacts. Our ability to display the hundreds of significant items in the Collection has long been hampered by the lack of permanent display space. With your help, all that's about to change!

Help make the Griffiths Museum a reality!

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Updated! The Griffiths is delighted to announce major corporate gifts from:

Suncor Energy Tootsie Roll Industries Realty Income Corporation Heico Corporation Gillette Hersha Hospitality Trust Specialty Laboratories Agilent Technologies Ryder The Kellogg Company NiSource, Inc. Inco, Ltd. Ethan Allen Interiors Ingersoll-Rand Tri-Continental Corporation American Greetings

For information on how your company can make cash or stock donations to the Griffiths Collection Building Fund, contact info@griffithscollection.org.

The Griffiths Collection Building Campaign would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions:

Prime Sponsor

William and Susan Genter

Amelia Dearing

($25,000 – $99,999)

Dianne and Quentin Underwood

Franklin Ustus, Jr.

Orla and Tom Ellenberg

Lester Blau

Penelope and Owen Slater

Shelby Logan

($5,000 – $24,999)

Seraphina Dufresne

Otis Wright

Talitha and Edmund Rasmussen

Kimberley and Thomas Laird

Ikuko and Tom Yuen

Karen and Robert Ferrero

Linda Fox

Wendy and Gerald Filizetti

Uma and Neil Quincy

Jan Rosenberg

($1,000 – $4,999)

Ursula and Owen Tam

Laura Hyland

Robert Pearl

Paula and Richard Price

Eileen Terrazas

Nucci Stone

Ikuko Rosenberg

Ulysses Moore

Iris Yuen

Catherine and Phil Louchheim

Orla and Ulysses Roy

Sadako Snell

Laurose Franklin

Linda and Brian Posner

Tim Hartzell

Elizabeth and Tony Pearl

Suzanne and Justin Gralnek

Betty Parada

Orla and Robert Moseley

Wanda Stone

Gen and Bob Young

Anne Braker

Orla Ressel

Marge Ibsen

Ed Ivanitsky

Louise Oliveira

Robert Fuzere

($200 – $999)

Gayanne Mirkin

Tim Ebbs

Calvin Jones

Mary Kaun

Joyce Strongwater

Sheryll and Robert Dawson

Zara and Richard Harris

Mona Stanley

Orla and John Campen

Grady Ruskin

Gary Himmelblau

Ed Dilling

Jeanne and Ulysses Bronnar

Ozzie Phan

Anne and Oscar Fox

Laura and Whittier Shoch

Georgette and Erik Hopkinson

Myrna Moore

Mary and Paul Bruns

Marilyn and George Restrick

Robert Neely

Jennifer Gonzales

Carolyn and Ozzie Rocha

Quentin Tanenbaum

Louise and Ron Restrick

Myrna and Richard Blanchard

Marilyn Ponte

Elizabeth and Jimmi Sherwood

Steve Brock

Janet and Tom Melino

Fred Sherwood

Nucci and Ewout Bloom

Caryl and Daryln Cusati

Judith and Zach Rohan

Valerie and James Hartzell

Louise and Daniel McGee

Talitha and Walter McHugh

Laura and Bill Sheremeta

Chuck Mitchell

Marion and Alan Peters

Loretta and Justin Buenning

Scott Cohn

Peter Minnaert

Susie and Dan Fox

Betty and Robert Moore

Richard Duncan

Rhonda and Yosef Geserick

Maureen Clark

Lisa and Richard Hicks

Margot and Michael Geserick

Carolyn and Xavier Hogle

Daniel Rees

Joan Bruns

Marilyn and George Parker

Yvette and Erik Djenguerian

Velma and Michael Bookwalter

Talitha and Rob Hine

Jacqueline and Whittier Harvey

Rhonda and Kevin Launder

Andrea and John Frischling

Jing Krakower

Elizabeth and Leonard Tam

Judith Alquist

Marion and Xavier Gordon

Ruth Gonzales

Dorothy and Kevin Wortley

Lee Lefaver

Amy and William Himmelblau

Jenny and Erik Daly

Elizabeth Aumack

Richard Ferrero

Prentiss Christensen

Bracey Katz

Jenny and Patrick Verprauskus

Sandra and Gary Bonner

New! A special pre-exhibition brunch for Griffiths donors will be held the day before the opening of the McGuffin exhibition, on Saturday, July 9. Space is limited. For more information on how to be a part of this exciting event, contact info@griffithscollection.org. All available space at the brunch has now been filled. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Griffiths, please contact info@griffithscollection.org.